KES is committed to creating and delivering the highest quality products and services to our Customers. KES' Quality Policy is based on a disciplined approach to performing Quality Assurance (QA) across the company. This disciplined approach encompasses a rigorous methodology of internal quality controls practices and inspections. KES' Quality Policy is defined in our standardized Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) which is subsequently tailored to suit specific customer requirements for its products and services. Each Customer's Project QAP includes basic elements of the KES' QAP as a foundation for providing the highest quality products and services to customers.

These basic elements include:

Ownership. Initial responsibility for high-quality products and services rests with each KES employee, who is responsible for providing their best effort in a timely manner.

Reviews. Throughout the project, all deliverables are scheduled for and undergo a series of QA reviews and possibly predefined inspections and/or tests. These reviews and inspections are conducted by project members, project management, subject matter experts (SME), and Government Representatives.

Documentation. All QA reviews, inspections, and test results are documented to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for resolution.

Management. All products are maintained under Configuration Management (CM), which includes all the documentation resulting from reviews, inspections, and tests.

Improvement. Plus, as part of the final efforts for each product, KES incorporates a structured "Lessons Learned" process to collect and track product and/or project Lessons Learned for use to improve its products and services.

KES' Quality Policy and supporting Quality Assurance Plan are in concert with the Government's guidance on Performance Based Service Contracts and Performance Work Statements (PWS).