Dawn McDaniel
Director of Security and Corporate Facility Security Officer

Ms. McDaniel has over 20 years of experience managing security programs falling under the Department of Defense (DoD) National Industrial Security Program. She has had oversight for a diverse range of security activities throughout her career, which have included managing cleared facilities hosting SIPRNet and hundreds of classified systems, FOCI mitigation thru a Proxy Agreement, SAP and SCI programs, COMSEC/Crypto equipment, international transfer of classified material, and directing security actions for corporate mergers, acquisitions and dissolutions.

As the KES, Inc. Director of Security and Corporate Facility Security Officer, Ms. McDaniel plans, develops, and establishes corporate policies, goals, objectives and procedures to protect company and government information, personnel, equipment and KES facilities. She manages all aspects of the National Industrial Security Program and ensures compliance with all federal regulations and security related contract requirements.

Prior to joining KES, Inc., Ms. McDaniel served as Director, Security for QinetiQ North America (now Vencore, Inc.) for 8 years, overseeing security operations for the Defense Solutions Sector, comprised of 11 cleared companies in 6 cleared facilities throughout the U.S., with over 2500 cleared personnel.

Ms. McDaniel is an active member of NCMS - The Society of Industrial Security Professionals, and the Industrial Security Awareness Council.