KES Systems Engineering expertise spans the entire modern-day business spectrum of government and military C4I-SR projects. KES staffs a bevy of Subject-Matter-Experts (SMEs) in the systems engineering disciplines of:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture & Design
  • Software and Hardware Engineering
  • Circuit board, patch panel, cabling and fiber-optic fabrication
  • Integration & Implementation
  • Installation/De-installation
  • Waveform Design
  • Modernization Planning

Synchronizing these disciplines into a fluid workflow process(es), KES has enjoyed ground-breaking success specifically supporting SSC-Pacific's Code 535 and achieving the following milestone accomplishments:

  • Constructing the Ballistic Missile Test Bed San Diego (BTS) to support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
  • Constructing for JTRS Test Bed San Diego (JTS) for JTRS technology research and development
  • Constructing a SHF and EHF Communication Suite to give the Combined Test Bed (CTB) its first ever EHF and SHF capability