KES personnel collectively have decades of experience in successful engineering projects that give customers what they need. Employing a full array of methodologies and disciplines, KES has shared the benefits of completing many diverse, demanding projects with government and commercial partners and sponsors.

Database Management

  • Heterogenous Data Storage
  • Maximum Data Security
  • Rapid Data Retrieval
  • Ease of Data Manipulation
  • Sharing of Centralized Information

Systems Engineering

  • Technology architectures
  • Operational architectures

Rapid Prototype

Independent Verification and Validation

Software Design & Development

  • Object-oriented analysis, design, and development
  • Java/Real-Time Java
  • DBMS
  • COM
  • C/C++

Systems Integration and Test

  • Multi-system interface translator
  • Network design/implementation
  • End-to-end integration testing
  • Software test and evaluation
  • Requirements/Design analysis; Inspection
  • Test Plan Development and Design
  • Functional and System Level Testing
  • Independent verification and validation

Logistics Services

  • Supply and Value Chain Management Services
  • Acquisition Logistics
  • Deployment Logistics
  • Logistics Training Services
  • Support Services and Products
  • Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support

Database Management

As the amount of information burgeons at an accelerated pace, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to manage and utilize pertinent data. Immediate access to the most current and accurate information enables you to make the best decisions for the successful execution of your business objectives. KES has designed and implemented a high-performance database management system that ensures quick and reliable access to the information resources that drive your corporation. From business transactions to mission-critical data, the database management system administers comprehensive information to help you operate more efficiently at all levels of your organization. Critical components of this system includes:

Heterogeneous Data Storage - Making optimal decisions for your corporation requires having access to all kinds of information. The system's powerful scalability organizes and maintains extensive amounts of comprehensive data.

Maximum Data Security - All valuable information requires maximum security. Data integration features ensure reliable access to the most accurate and current information about customers, company infrastructure, and competitors.

Rapid Data Retrieval - In order to make timely decisions in response to the evolving industry, you need quick access to up-to-date information. Robust management features provide the capability to immediately access and identify crucial information.

Ease of Data Manipulation - Changing business requirements demand database flexibility. Divisible units such as tables, queries, reports, and forms let you analyze, extrapolate and build different data relationships according to your needs.

Sharing of Centralized Information - Consistency of information enhances the implementation of better-informed decisions. With enterprise replication capabilities, users can share integrated, accurate information across the Internet or your company's intranet regardless of where they are.

Systems Engineering

KES is proud of the innovating systems solutions for the Hunter Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment for the Commandant's Warfighting Laboratory and LeatherNet the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. We conducted requirements extraction and analysis and designing operational sequences and systems architecture.

Systems Integration and Testing

KES systems integration and testing capabilities span the requirements of such diverse projects as the Office System Internetworking for JSYS, Inc. and J-Comm International, Inc. and the Urban Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment for the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. We are experienced in application integration, hardware/network integration, integrated application testing and lower level communications testing.

Rapid Prototype 
We have designed a variety of prototypes for such projects as the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Project for General Dynamics and Real-Time Retargeting for the Office of Naval Research. Our designs include computer-based models for use in assessment and element-level planners with JAVA-based software.

Independent Verification and Validation
Independent verification and validation are critical phases of any new technology, and KES is committed to providing the best available. We've worked with such organizations as SPAWAR and the Ballistic Missile Defense Office, on the Arrow Link Upgrade Converter, developing test plans and procedures as well as executing and reporting systems capabilities. 

Software Design and Development 
We've done everything from traditional software application to enterprise field design and development including a problem logging and tracking system for Synthetic Theater of War - a three-tier architecture using RDBMS with a web-based front end - and a job costing and tracking database for the Military Sales Business Office at SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego.

Logistics Services

Supply and Value Chain Management Services
Planning, development, management, operation and maintenance of logistics systems for the movement and maintenance of resources:

  • Material requirements planning
  • Inventory management and operation
  • Asset or property visibility and management
  • Operation of warehouses, stockrooms or storage facilities
  • Fulfillment systems and operations
  • Configuration management
  • Vendor/acquisition management
  • Information processing systems analysis, design, implementation
  • Staging, shipping, and receiving
  • Packing and crating
  • Packaging, labeling, bar coding system consultation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance
  • Warehouse and location management systems
  • Preservation and protection of specialized inventory or documents
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO process management)
  • Property disposal management
  • Logistics Strategic Planning services
  • Logistics Systems Engineering services
  • Logistics Program Management services and support
  • Supply Chain Logistics services, solutions, and support

Acquisitions Logistics

  • Participation in or consultation to concept development or integrated process teams
  • Perform needs assessments
  • Define and establish program objectives, strategies, plans and schedules
  • Develop milestone documentation
  • Market research and acquisition planning
  • Material requirements identification, planning, acquisition and management
  • Develop specifications or performance based work statements and task estimates
  • Develop, document and support maintenance procedures and technical manuals
  • Configuration and data management and related documentation
  • Develop and monitor funding plans
  • Support packaging, handling, storage and transportation operations
  • Supply chain integration planning
  • Inventory or asset management
  • Vendor management
  • Conduct field problem analysis and recommend corrective action

Deployment Logistics

Contingency planning

  • Material and property requirements planning, movement, storage and accountability systems
  • Asset management and visibility
  • Regional and global resource capability identification and integration
  • Communication and logistics systems design, planning, and operation

Logistics Training Services
Training in systems operations, warehousing, material planning and handling, transportation management, inventory management, and the tools utilized in supply and value chain management.

Support Services and Products
Ancillary products used in the delivery of a service, such as training manuals, CD-ROMS, overhead slides, etc. The acquisition of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software (other than for logistics applications) under this SIN is not allowed.

Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support
Planning, designing, managing, operating and maintaining logistics systems, equipment, facilities and logistics infrastructures, specifically including services inherent to the performance of operations and maintenance for the support of logistics/support systems. Typical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Logistical Support Services
  • Supply Services
  • Equipment Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Property Management and Maintenance
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Project Management, Integrated Facility Management, and Operations Management Support