Guardian Group and Voluntary Life Insurance

Guardian - Group Life Insurance:

KES provides its employees with Group Life Insurance of an amount equal to 1 times the employee's annual earnings to a maximum of $250,000.

To make changes to your beneficiary for your group life insurance plan please a new Beneficiary Designation form.

Please fax your updated designation form to HR @ 858-292-0972.

Click on the link to access the Beneficiary Designation form: Beneficiary Designation Form

Guardian - Voluntary Life Insurance:

KES also provides its employees with the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance for themselves and their dependents. This additional life insurance is completely voluntary and the employee is responsible for 100% of the premiums. This life insurance policy is portable and can be transferred to the employee upon the conclusion of their employment with KES, Inc.

There is an ongoing open enrollment period for the voluntary life insurance plan and you may apply at any time.

If you would like to apply for voluntary life insurance for yourself, your spouse or children please complete the Enrollment Form and Evidence of Insurability shown below and fax these pages Attn: Doreen to 858-292-0972. To complete this form please do the following:

  1. Complete the “About Yourself” section in full
  2. If you are applying for voluntary life insurance for your spouse and/or children as well as yourself please enter their personal information in the “About Your Dependents” section in full.
  3. Name your beneficiary(s) for your Voluntary Life Policy. Please provide at a minimum a contact phone number for this person.
  4. Select the amount you would like for your policy.
  5. In the Spouse and/or Children’s sections you may opt to choose 50% of the policy amount you requested for yourself or you can write in the dollar amount you would like.
  6. Please make sure to answer the health question in the box below this section if you’re requesting for yourself and /or Spouse or Children as applicable.
  7. Sign and date the last page.
  8. Please print and complete the Evidence of Insurability and fax it with your enrollment form. Once approval has been received your voluntary life insurance benefit will become effective the 1st of the following month.

Click on the link to access the Enrollment form: Enroll and Change Form

Click on the link to access the Evidence of Insurability form: Evidence of Insurability Form

Click on the link to access Life Summary and Voluntary Pricing Information: Life Summary and Voluntary Pricing Information