Guardian - VSP Vision Plan

Guardian – VSP Vision Plan:

KES, Inc. provides its employees with a comprehensive vision plan at no cost. Employees then have the option to add family members to the group plan for an additional cost. The Vision plan provides full coverage for services and or materials when you go to a participating provider or “In-Network.” This coverage includes:

Annual eye exam (Once every 12 months) a $10 co-pay
Lenses (Once every 12 months) One pair of single vision lenses, bifocal lenses or trifocal lenses for a $0 co-pay.
Frames (Once every 12 months) No co-pay, up to $120 retail value – receive 20% off balance over plan allowance
Contact Lenses (Once every 12 months) elective, conventional and disposable contact lenses: no co-pay, up to $120 retail value. Non-elective contact lenses no co-pay.

If you choose to see a vision provider who is “Out-of-Network” you will be responsible for payment of services received in full. At that time you can complete a Out-of-Network Claim Form and submit it along with a copy any paperwork received and receipt and mail it into VSP for reimbursement. The Out-of-Network coverage reimbursement amounts are as follows:

  • Annual Eye Exam – Amount over $46.00
  • Single Vision Lenses – Amount over $46.00
  • Lined Bifocal Lenses – Amount over $66.00
  • Lined Trifocal Lenses – Amount over $85.00
  • Lenticular Lenses – Amount over $125.00
  • Frames – Amount over $47.00
  • Contact Lenses- Amount over $120.00 Click on the link below to access the Reimbursement Form:

Out of Network VSP Claim Form: Click Here

To Find a Service Provider click on the following link and enter the requested information to find a provider in your area:

To register online to view your Vision Benefits click the link below to begin the registration process:

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should notify HR immediately with any status changes such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or loss of coverage with another provider. The Change form listed below can be used to make changes to your vision plan due to a qualifying event.

Fax all completed change forms to Doreen or Erica at (858) 292-0972. All changes requested will become final on the first day of the following month. Please contact HR with any questions you might have at (858) 292-0922 ext 217 for Erica and ext 200 for Doreen.

Note:Your Guardian Dental card also serves as your Vision Card.

Click the link to access the Vision Plan Summary: Vision Plan Summary

Click the link to access the Change form: Change Form

*Open enrollment for Guardian VSP Vision is in January each year