Nationwide 401(k) Program

401(k) Plan

KES offers a 401(k) plan to all employees. Employees may enroll into the 401(k) plan effective the first of the month after their date of hire or at the beginning of each quarter. Employees are allowed to make a pre-tax contribution not to exceed $16,500.00 per year as set by the IRS guidelines. In addition, all full-time employees receive a monthly contribution to their 401(k) equal to 3% of their salary which is effective upon date of hire.

To view the Plan Summary please click on this link: 401 (k) Plan Summary

To view the Self-Managed Enrollment Form please click on this link: KES Enrollment Form with Roth

To view the Professionally Managed Enrollment Form please click on this link: Meeder Enrollment Form

To view the Change Request Form for Meeder please click on this link: Meeder Account Portfolio Change Request Form

To view Online Access Information click on this link: Online Access

To view the Participant Access Brochure click on this link: Participant Access Brochure

To view Default Investment Option Information click on the following links: Oakmark Equity Prospectus Inc Form
QDIA Notice Plan Year 2009

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Profit Sharing

KES wishes to recognize the contributions made by its employees that lead to KES’s continued success by offering a profit sharing plan. Employees who have completed one year of service with a minimum of 1,000 hours are eligible to participate. An employee will become a participant effective as of the first day of the “Plan Year” in which the employee met the eligibility requirement. Employees must be employed with KES on the last day of the year in which a contribution was made to receive the contribution for that plan year.

Loan Request Information

KES does allow its employees to request a loan against their 401k account. You must have a minimum vested balance of $2,200.00 in your account. You may borrow up to 50% of your vested amount with the minimum loan request amount of $1,000.00 and the maximum of $50,000.00.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in applying for a 401k loan that process is now completed in full by the employee online with the Nationwide system. Please print a copy of the Nationwide Loan System Instructions for your use. You may also print out a copy of the Participant Guide which is a longer version of the instructions contained in the word document titled Nationwide Loan Systems Instructions. Please contact Human Resources with any questions.

To view Nationwide Loan Systems Instructions: Nationwide Loan System Instructions

To view Participant Guide: Participant User Guide